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Virtual Financial Group-Aya Eavey

We are on a mission and we invite you to join us!

We will provide the highest level of quality and service possible with respect to all aspects of company operations. Instill integrity and opportunity in our industry, through leading by example. We are pioneers of this industry and we will provide you a home where you can achieve the income you need now and be part of a team and an environment of success.
With VFG, you get to enjoy all the benefits!

Unlimited income potential
Advantages of business ownership
Flexibility to set your own work hours
Top Contracts & Payouts
24/7 Training and Support
Cutting Edge Marketing Tools
Get Appointed Today
Build a National Financial Business with the CEO Team

Why Virtual?
Your Foundation for Success

**No more wasted time attending meetings and going on sales appointments.***
***No more driving the miles pouring money into your gas tank.***
***No more spending money on dress clothes, dry cleaning, meals out.***
***No more nights away from home sitting around someone else's kitchen table****

Build a 50 State Financial Services e-agency which is not limited by our own time and effort
One which is professional, compliant, streamlined... and IMMENSELY profitable!
Be a part of a 6.1Trillion Dollar Industry
Earn a great income by simply driving traffic to your replicated websites
With our proven e-system and formatted emails
We will answer your prospects questions
We will sign them up under you
We will complete the sale for you and follow it through so you can be paid
Our e-System with you as the Financial Inviter
and Your Financial Manager will Close reps and clients for you
and Your Financial Adviser will do the rest so that you get paid on average $700-1200*
for a referral as we help you build your own Virtual Agency in Financial Services.

Just invite prospects to view the videos by email
and develop a nationwide Financial Services Business from your home office
with an amazing support team and state of the art e-system running it all for you!!!!!

We are in a Perfect Position with the Right Game Plan for your Success
Revolutionary Products

There is a revolution in the Life Insurance Industry
The reality is that if this living feature was better known or better explained, more people would buy a life insurance policy, not just for the death benefit, but for the "Living Benefits" in case you live... at no additional cost.

The odds are staggering 70% of all Americans will experience a heart attack, stroke or cancer by age 65 and over 25 million Americans will survive a heart attack, stroke or cancer this year!

Highest Commission Payouts
In this economy you must be loyal to your family and receive the highest commission available for your efforts and earn the income you deserve!

24/7 Access to Training & Support
With today's busy schedules we do not always have time to drive to meetings every week so we have developed a schedule of live webinar's we record and post online and a refined library of the very best training and tools for your success available to you 7 days a week 24 hours per day from anywhere you can connect to the internet

We are committed to helping you succeed and earn a great income by offering the best income opportunities and cutting edge resources and tools available in today’s marketplace.

This is an excellent overview of what the CEOTeam is doing in financial services.
The most powerful income opportunity in the US! $300 generates $3000! You owe it to yourself and your family to watch this video.
We promise if you think you have heard it all before, you have never heard it explained as clear and concise as in this powerful brief presentation.

3 Amazing Revolutions!- (Watch the short video to understand the powerful story)

1. Living Benefits and Indexed Products with No Downside Risk and Tax Free Income The odds are staggering 70% of all Americans will experience a heart attack, stroke or cancer by age 65 The Average Age of a Heart Attack, Stroke or Cancer is 43. Most WILL SURVIVE AND MANY WILL GO BANKRUPT!!! Over 62.1% of all BK's are due to Medical Expenses, 78% of them had Health Insurance. HEART ATTACK- 1,255,000 Americans suffer a heart attack every year 17,600,000 Americans alive today have survived a Heart Attack! STROKE- Each year 795,000 people suffer a stroke, many end up with permanent disabilities. CANCER- 3.5 million new cases a year. avg. cost $146,000. Over 65% of expenses are indirect & not covered by traditional insurance. 11,714,000 people currently living with cancer. Juan Estrada an FEG Agent purchased a $375,000 policy and soon afterwards was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer and was given a check for $344,033 08/2012.

2. Leveraging The Largest Industry in the World Compensation Plan that turns $300 in $3000 and allowing New Reps to earn $32,500 in 60-90 days by following our plan!

1 Jim $300 Monthly Savings = $600 Reimbursement = VP Override on 5 = $8,250
2 Bill $300 Monthly Savings = $600 Reimbursement = VP Override on 5 = $8,250
3 Jan $300 Monthly Savings = $600 Reimbursement = VP Override on 5 = $8,250
4 Deb $300 Monthly Savings = $600 Reimbursement = VP Override on 5 = $8,250
5 Bob $300 Monthly Savings = $600 Reimbursement = VP Override on 5 = $8,250

$3000 Total Reimbursement $41,250
Total $44,250 Total Combined Potential income in first 90-120 days*
By FAR the Highest Payouts in the Industry!! & Triple & Quadruple the Overrides!
Up to 92% on Personal and up to 21% on first generation VP’s Then 16%, 15%, 14,14,13,12,12%+

3. Virtual Nationwide Cutting Edge E-Business Model in Financial Services

10-12 Weekly Live Webinars for Clients/Reps
7/24 Rep/Client Videos, Training and Support
Replicated websites, facebook pages, mobile sites and apps
Social Media Marketing and simple CRM Outreach Manager
Run a Nationwide Financial Business from your home office
Cutting Edge Tools and Resources for your business success
Revolutionary 50 State E-App Non Med up to 250k- Get paid in 3 days!

(We sell & recruit for you on our Webinars)

We hold live webinars & training’s Tues/Thurs 6pm & Sat 9am PST weekly!

Unlimited income potential
Advantages of business ownership
Flexibility to set your own work hours
Top Contracts & Payouts
24/7 Training and Support

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